About Us

If we're lucky, music transports us to another world.
It inspires and motivates us, takes our minds elsewhere, or simply lets us dream.

We love music and want to make it more understandable through lyrics, translations, and explanations – for us, for you, and for the world.

Our Gurus

These are our volunteer Music Gurus
Do you love music like we do?
Become part of our team and help make MusikGuru even better: [email protected]

Our History

Follow our story, which began about 24 years ago.

  • May 2020
    After a long time, a relaunch took place.
    From now on, the website is called: MusikGuru.de
  • January 2017
    The lyrics database now counts 1.9 million. Lyrics are available for almost all relevant songs.
  • June 2010
    800,000 people are now registered, making GoLyr one of the largest music websites in Germany.
  • February 2010
    To celebrate the 10-year anniversary, there is a major relaunch with numerous usability improvements.
  • January 2009
    A major milestone - 500,000 lyrics are now in the database. In addition, more than 30,000 translations are available.
  • January 2005
    The mark of 300,000 lyrics has now been surpassed.
  • September 2003
    In addition to lyrics, tabs/chords of songs can now be added.
  • April 2002
    The site gets a new name and is now accessible under Golyr.de or GoLyrics.de.
    More and more people are becoming aware of the website, causing the servers to reach their limits.
    Users are entering over 2000 new lyrics at times.
  • March 2002
    The site shines in a new design. For the first time, a content management system is implemented, allowing users to independently add lyrics.
  • February 2000
    In the late evening hours of 03.02.2000, the idea of a lyrics database was implemented on a very simple page.
    At that time, lyrics were submitted via email and manually posted on the website. Quickly, the database grew to over 30,000 lyrics.
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