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Reviewed by Katrin
am September 04th, 2023
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  • The song is about the emotional challenges of a touring artist, characterized by loneliness and exhaustion.
  • The title refers to the 'Super Trouper' lighting used in the show business, but also symbolizes the uplifting effect of stage lights on the singer.
  • A recurring theme is the artist's anticipation towards a specific audience member, probably a loved one, whose presence improves their mood.
  • The song lyrics depict both the stressful side of the show business and the joy and satisfaction that come with a successful performance.
  • The message is that, despite fame and attention, the support of loved ones is crucial to overcome the challenges.


The song 'Super Trouper' by ABBA is about the feelings and experiences of an artist during a tour. The title refers to the 'Super Trouper' lighting system that is often used in concerts.

In the song lyrics, it is described how the singer feels lonely and exhausted, despite the fame and affection of the fans. He sings 'I was sick and tired of everything when I called you last night from Glasgow. All I do is eat and sleep and sing, wishing every show was the last show'. This shows the pressure and fatigue that come with constant traveling and performing.

An important aspect of the song is the anticipation of the artist towards a specific audience member who gives him strength and joy. It is believed to be a loved one. The singer says 'But I won't feel blue, like I always do, 'cause somewhere in the crowd there's you'. These lines show that the presence of this person alleviates the loneliness and exhaustion.

Finally, the singer expresses how the stage lighting ('Super Trouper lights') cheers him up and makes him feel 'number one', and how much he looks forward to meeting the loved one after the concert.

Overall, 'Super Trouper' is a song about the challenges and rewards of life on tour. It shows the human side of fame and how important the support of loved ones is in such times.
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ABBA - Super Trouper
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