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am September 21st, 2023
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  • The singer shows deep remorse and self-reflection about his behavior in a past relationship
  • He takes full responsibility for the failure of the relationship and admits to not appreciating the love and support of the other person
  • He acknowledges that he hurt the other person and asks for forgiveness
  • Despite his feelings of self-hatred, he realizes that the other person was still trying to love him
  • He wishes his former partner the best and hopes she finds someone who can love her better than he did


The song 'Blame's on me' by Alexander Stewart is about self-reflection and regret. The singer regrets his behavior in a past relationship and realizes that he hurt the person who gave him everything he needed.

In the song lyrics, he sings 'The worst part is you're innocent in all of this / I was just calling quits / You were giving me all that I could need / I was missing it, now I'm all alone'. This shows that he feels guilty for ending the relationship even though the other person was giving him everything he needed. However, he was too caught up in himself and didn't appreciate it.

In the line 'Usually I'm the one getting burned / Didn't realize I was hurting you' he confesses that he's usually the one getting hurt, but in this situation, he didn't realize how much he was hurting the other person.

In the lines 'Oh god I'm sorry / I put you through hell / You tried to love me / When I hated myself' he apologizes and realizes that the other person tried to love him even when he hated himself.

With the repeated refrain 'Blame is all on me' he takes full responsibility for the failure of the relationship. He realizes that he pushed away the person who loved and supported him, and deeply regrets it.

The song ends with the words 'Oh god I'm sorry / I hope that you're well / Someone will love you / Like I couldn't myself', which shows that he only wishes the best for the other person and hopes that they will find someone who can love them better than he could.

Overall, 'Blame's on me' is an emotional song about regret, self-reflection, and acknowledging one's own mistakes.
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