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am September 20th, 2023
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  • The singer presents himself as an honest man who appreciates the best things in life, including women, money, and love.
  • The song tells about his life as a rider who rides through the mountains and is guided by the stars and the moon.
  • His love for music plays an important role, especially for the guitar and traditional Mexican 'Son', accompanied by a mariachi band.
  • He enjoys drinking, especially Aguardiente and Tequila, which he considers the best alcoholic beverages.
  • In the chorus, the singer expresses his love for a dark-haired woman, showing his romantic side.


The song 'Cancion Del Mariachi' is a song that celebrates the passion and culture of Mexican life and Mariachi music. The singer in the song, portrayed by Antonio Banderas, describes himself as an honest man who enjoys the best things in life - women, money, and love ('Soy un hombre muy honrado, Que me gusta lo mejor / Las mujeres no me faltan, Ni al dinero, ni el amor').

He talks about his life as a rider who rides through the mountains, with the stars and the moon guiding his way ('Jineteando en mi caballo, Por la sierra yo me voy / Las estrellas y la luna, Ellas me dicen donde voy').

A recurring theme is his love for music. He loves playing the guitar and singing the 'son', a type of traditional Mexican music. He is accompanied by a Mariachi band when he sings his song ('Me gusta tocar guitarra, me gusta cantar el son / Mariachi me acompaña, cuando canto mi canción').

He also enjoys drinking, especially aguardiente (a strong alcohol) and tequila, which he considers the best drinks ('Me gustan tomar mis copas, aguardiente es lo mejor / También la tequila blanca, con su sal le da sabor').

The chorus is a declaration of love to a dark-haired woman ('Ay, ay, mi amor / Ay, mi morena / De mi corazón'), showing his romantic side.

Overall, the song is an expression of pride and joy in Mexican life, culture, music, and love.
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Antonio Banderas - Cancion Del Mariachi
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