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am August 30th, 2023
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  • The artist draws connections to Billie Eilish and her casual clothing style, combined with status symbols like diamond-studded watches.
  • White refers to his success and independence, showcasing the use of modern technologies to fulfill his needs.
  • A more aggressive mood in the third verse suggests the tough sides of fame, possibly associated with danger and conflicts.
  • The repetition of the chorus 'Bitch, I'm stylish' represents White's confidence and emphasizes his personal identity.


The song lyrics 'BILLIE EILISH' by Armani White describe a mixture of self-confidence, status symbols, and awareness of one's own presence. The title of the song and the recurring verse 'Glock tucked, big t-shirt, Billie Eilish' suggest a connection to the famous singer Billie Eilish, known for her loose and comfortable clothing style - a big t-shirt and a hidden Glock (a type of gun) could be interpreted as part of that style.

The artist talks about status symbols like a watch on his wrist that he would like to adorn with diamonds, and about his appearance that silences critics ('Niggas talkin' crazy, when I pull up, it's silent'). This suggests a certain connection between material possession, power, and respect.

In the second verse, White talks about his success and independence ('Bitch, I got everything I wanted and some extra'). He uses modern technologies to fulfill his demands and avoid inconveniences (e.g. 'Uber Eats the food, I don't call, I just text it') and shows that he is in a position of power and control.

The third verse shifts to a darker, more aggressive mood. White talks about carrying weapons and being ready to use them. Here, a harsher reality of fame and success is portrayed, which may be associated with danger and conflicts.

Finally, the chorus repeats the line 'Bitch, I'm stylish' - a clear sign of White's self-confidence and intention to emphasize his personal style and identity.
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