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BLUE Lyrics

I try to live in black and white, but I′m so blue
I'd like to mean it when I say I′m over you
But that's still not true (blue)
And I'm still so blue, oh

I thought we were the same (I thought we were the same)
Birds of a feather (birds of a feather), now I′m ashamed
I told you a lie, désolé, mon amour
I′m trying my best, don't know what′s in store
Open up the door (blue)
In the back of my mind, I'm still overseas
A bird in a cage, thought you were made for me

I try (I′m not what) to live in black and white, but I'm so blue (but I′m not what you need)
I'd like (not what you need) to mean it when I say I'm over you
But that′s still not true, true
And I′m still so blue (and it's not true)
True blue, true blue
I′m true blue (ooh-ooh) hmm, hmm-mm

You were born bluer than a butterfly
Beautiful and so deprived of oxygen
Colder than your father's eyes
He never learned to sympathize with anyone

I don′t blame you
But I can't change you
Don′t hate you
But we can't save you (but we can't save you)

You were born reaching for your mother′s hands
Victim of your father′s plans to rule the world
Too afraid to step outside
Paranoid and petrified of what you've heard

But they could say the same ′bout me
I sleep 'bout three hours each night
Means only 21 a week now, now
And I could say the same ′bout you
Born blameless, grew up famous too
Just a baby born blue now, now

I don't blame you
But I can′t change you
Don't hate you
But we can't save you
But when can I hear the next one?
Billie Eilish - BLUE
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