Meaning of 'Trinken ist auch Sport'

Reviewed by Sven
am February 09th, 2024
☝️ Key Points
  • The song lyrics convey the idea that drinking alcohol can be as sporty as physical activities.
  • Different sports are mentioned to emphasize the sporty nature of drinking.
  • The lyrics contain humorous lines that play with stereotypes and irony.
  • Overall, the song lyrics convey the message that drinking alcohol can be viewed in a humorous way.


In the lyrics of the song "Trinken ist auch Sport" by Lorenz Büffel, the idea is conveyed that drinking alcohol can be as sporty and athletic as physical activities. The text plays with humorous references to well-known sports and uses metaphors to compare drinking to sporting achievements.

The text mentions different sports to emphasize the sporty nature of drinking. For example, it says: "We are real athletes, like painted / Full throttle training every day". Here, drinking is portrayed as a daily training performed by "real athletes". The mention of "20 liters of Asbach" and "50 liters freestyle" shows how intense and demanding drinking can be.

The text also contains humorous lines like "Look what my Astra body can do / Am I not a picture of a man?". These lines play with the stereotype of the "beer belly" and humorously depict how drinking alcohol can lead to an athletic body.

Overall, the lyrics of the song convey the message that drinking alcohol can be as sporty as other physical activities. Through humorous and ironic language, the text becomes entertaining. It is important to note that the lyrics of the song do not encourage excessive alcohol consumption, but rather offer a humorous perspective on the subject.
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Lorenz Büffel - Trinken ist auch Sport
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