Meaning of 'Like Ida'

Reviewed by Sunny
am July 02nd, 2024
☝️ Key Points
  • # The song is about a man who feels separated from a loved one and in his thoughts is on the way to Dallas while thinking about the past relationship.
  • # The singer prefers simple things like out-of-tune guitars and crude jokes over the bustling city life of Nashville, as he longs for simplicity and honesty.
  • # Despite the separation, the singer hopes that the person he is thinking of remains strong and is not influenced by criticism, as he values their uniqueness and others do not know them like he does.
  • # The lyrics emphasize the longing for shared moments, such as watching sunsets and the sound of a creaking door, and the hope of being able to be together in a common place again.
  • # Overall, the song addresses loss, longing, authenticity, and the hope of reunion, while highlighting the importance of genuine relationships and simple joys.


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Zach Bryan - Like Ida
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