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Reviewed by Silvia
am September 09th, 2023
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  • The song lyrics deal with themes such as friendship, self-acceptance, and personal growth.
  • Drake distances himself from people who are not good for him and follows his own path.
  • He emphasizes the importance of staying away from negative influences and focusing on personal development.
  • Drake finds peace and satisfaction by distancing himself from superficial relationships and fake friends.
  • The song lyrics encourage to stay true to oneself and find one's own happiness.


The song lyrics 'Fair Trade' by Drake address various themes such as friendship, self-acceptance, and personal growth. Drake talks about how he has distanced himself from people who were not good for him and how he is following his own path without being influenced by others.

In the lyrics, he describes how he is young but is seen as experienced and respected by others. He also mentions how he is confronted with envy and rumors, but he is not deterred by them. He is aware that he has to make his own decisions and cannot be controlled by others.

Drake also talks about how he stays away from negative influences and focuses on his personal development. He wants to be single and maintain control over his own life. He emphasizes that he distances himself from superficial relationships and fake friends in order to focus on what is important to him.

The chorus of the song expresses that Drake is losing friends but at the same time finding peace and satisfaction. For him, it is a fair trade because he has learned to stay true to himself and find his own happiness.

Overall, the song lyrics convey the message that it is important to accept oneself and separate from people and situations that are not good for us. It is about following our own path and finding peace and satisfaction within ourselves. Drake also emphasizes the importance of personal growth and maturity to let go of negative emotions and focus on the positive.
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Drake - Fair Trade
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